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Health and Wellbeing for our Community

KickStartCQ is a joint health and wellbeing initiative of Rockhampton Regional Council and Livingstone Shire Council.  The program provides a holistic and inclusive approach to the support of our community, its health, its spirit and its future wellbeing.

KickStartCQ works directly with the community through promotion, education, motivation and activity delivery.  The key objective is to provide opportunities for a healthier and more active life.

Sustainability, cultural identity and community spirit are all reflective of our community’s wellbeing.  A healthy and active community is confident and empowered to participate and be socially inclusive.

KickStartCQ will facilitate a coordinated approach for the region to increase physical activity and develop a better understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing in everyday life.  The program will meet this objective through:

  • Support, promotion and value adding to existing clubs and active lifestyle initiatives.
  • Provision of free or low cost activities and seminars for all ages, across the region.
  • Development of collaborative planning of initiatives.

Latest NEWS

9th December 2016

Sport, Parks, Active Recreation and Community Strategy Update

Sport, Parks, Active Recreation and Community Strategy (SPARC) is Council's review of its open space network, parks, playgrounds, sport and recreation and so much more. Find out what the team is up to with SPARC.

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21st November 2016

Sport, Parks, Active Recreation and Community (SPARC) Strategy

Council seeks to add some ‘SPARC’ to the Rockhampton region through a new Sport, Parks, Active Recreation and Community (SPARC) Strategy. The Strategy is designed to address the region’s open space network – the public parks, sport and recreational areas where we live and play.

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8th February 2016

SixtyRide is coming to Rockhampton

SixtyRide is looking for volunteers interested in running their own community bike ride. Ride Directors, in coordination with Bicycle Network, plan and run a monthly 5-10km circuit where riders go at their own pace, looping the course for 60 minutes. The rides are open to everyone and are a great way to build skills, improve health and get to know like-minded locals.

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1st July 2015

Three Top Tips for School Holiday Lunches

School holidays can be quite a chaotic time trying to keep the kids busy with things to do and places to see, often meaning that lunch and snack times are being spent out of the house making days out expensive or unhealthy.  Never fear though, blogger Belinda Smith from The Root Cause has given us some easy tips to stay organised and healthy these school holidays.

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