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KickStartCQ offers a range of activities for you and your dog including dog-off Leash areas and agility tracks. The easiest way to exercise your dog is to take it for a walk. Regular exercise will improve the mental health and physical well being of both you and your dog. It is also proven to reduce nuisance behaviour such as barking, digging holes and destructive outbursts.

Dog Off-Leash Areas

Council has provided a number of off leash areas where dogs can exercise freely, play with their owners and socialise with other dogs. While in an off leash area it is the owner's responsibility to ensure the dog is under effective control at all times. It is important that you monitor your dog’s behaviour and ensure it does not cause a nuisance or become aggressive to other people or dogs. Always clean up after your pet, even in off leash areas, and scoop the poop! If you leave your pet’s droppings in a public place you will be given a $200 on the spot fine. Being a responsible pet owner means that you care about the actions of your dog!

View the Dog Off-Leash Area Code of Conduct.

To view off leash areas in our Region click on the links below:

Dog Agility Tracks

Increase your dogs stamina and improve its mental health by utilising one of the Region's Dog Agility Tracks. There are two tracks in the Region, Gracemere and North Rockhampton.

The Kershaw Gardens Dog Off Leash Area and Agility Track is located near the Charles Street car park. The track features a variety of equipment including jumps, weave poles, balance beam, tunnel and ramps. This area is fully fenced for your convenience.

Ted Price Park in Gracemere has several pieces of agility equipment including weave poles, balance beam and hurdles.


Physical Activity.... good for you, good for your dog

Think of walking your dog as an opportunity for you both to be physically active. Taking your dog for 30 minutes every day will help you reach your daily 10,000 steps. It will improve your dog's health as well as your own! Sign up for the free 10,000 Steps program here to start tracking your activity. They may not be able to help you log the steps, but dogs are a great motivator to go for your walk.