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Tenure Agreements include:

  • Trustee Permits – issued over Reserve Land and are for non-exclusive use.

  • Trustee Leases – issued over Reserve Land and are for exclusive use, generally over a building site.

  • Freehold Lease – issued over Council owned land for exclusive use, generally over a building site.

  • Freehold Licence – issued over Council land for non-exclusive use.

Reserve Land is land that is owned by the State Government or Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Understanding your Agreement:

Your organisation's committee members must be familiar with the terms and conditions of a tenure agreement, also known as a lease, licence or permit.

Tenure Agreements have standard terms and conditions set by either Council or Department of Natural Resources and Mines depending on who is the owner of the land. Council can add special conditions to tenure agreements.
Term – The standard renewal term for a lease is five years.  The standard renewal term for a licence or permit is three years.
Purpose – This is the purpose for which the tenure agreement is issued, for example, rugby league training and games. All other activities, including parties and fundraisers etc must be approved, in writing, by the Sport and Education Unit prior to the event.
Fees and Charges – Fees and charges are set by Council each year.

Renewing Tenure:

If your organisation currently has a lease, licence or permit, Council will contact you to discuss renewal between six and nine months before it is due to expire.

The standard renewal term for a lease is five years.  The standard renewal term for a licence or permit is three years.

Renewing a lease, licence or permit has five steps.

Step One – Application
Organisations with leased properties need to fill out a lease renewal application form and a development plan.  Properties operating with a licence or permit need to fill out a licence/permit application form.

Step Two – Assessment
The Sport & Education Coordinator will check your application to make sure it is completed correctly and includes all the supporting documents. Once all documents are provided, your application will be assessed.  It will be shown to several Council officers for comment.

We may ask you to submit more information.  This may include extra financial statements.  For leased properties, this may include a more detailed breakdown of proposed work.

Step Three – Approval
After fully assessing your application, your Sport & Education Coordinator will make a recommendation to the appropriate Manager and/or a Council Committee.

If your application has been successful, it will be recommended that your organisation’s agreement be renewed. Council will then send your organisation an approval letter detailing the terms and conditions of the renewal.

If your organisation has any concerns about the terms and conditions of the approval, you should contact Council immediately. If your application is unsuccessful, you will be contacted in order to discuss the reasons for the decision.

Step Four – Execution
After the renewal is approved, the Property & Insurance Section will prepare your lease, licence or permit documents.  You will be given contact details for the person who will be preparing your lease.

Step Five – Registration
Once your organisation has executed the documents, you need to return all of them to the Property & Insurance Section.  If it is a Trustee Lease or a Trustee Permit (Reserve Land), then Council will apply for Ministerial Consent for the agreement. The agreement will then be signed by the Authorised Officer.

For more information on renewing tenure click here, for assistance in completing the Community Tenure Renewal Form click here.

Requesting Tenure

To be eligible to lease or licence a Council facility, your organisation must:

  • Be an incorporated association or equivalent
  • Be a not for profit community based organisation
  • Have open membership (Constitution or Articles must state that membership is open to the general public)
  • Demonstrate an ability to meet the financial obligations of a lease, licence, permit or other tenure arrangement (provide a copy of the most recent audited financial statements and a business plan where appropriate)
  • Maintain appropriate insurances, including public liability
  • Have a post office box
  • Appropriate risk management plan

If your organisation is interested in leasing a Council facility, then you need to register your interest on the community facility waiting list.

To register your interest click here.