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When running a meeting there are a number of procedures that may need to happen. Many of them are specific to the association's constitution or model rules but all of them should be specific to the purpose of the association. 


The association's rules should set out the process for voting and this may be through a show of hands or ballot papers. The chair of the meeting is responsible for administering this process and supervising the vote. Voting of office-bearers usually happens at an Annual General Meeting.

Abesentee Voting

An association should carefully consider what circumstances and arrangements it allows for absentee voting. Absentee voting is when a member can't attend a meeting but still wishes to vote on a matter. This should be identified in the model rules or constitution and types of absentee voting may include:

  • Appointing a proxy
  • Using technology to remotely participate
  • Appointing a lawyer to represent them
  • Sending a postal vote


All minutes must be recorded at all meetings, this includes the annual general meeting, committee meetings and general meetings. Refer also to Meeting Types.

The minutes should record the following information:

  • Meeting particulars - day, date, location, start and finish times
  • Meeting attendance - names of those that are present and that are a recorded absence
  • Meeting chair's statement - the meeting has a quorum present and has been duly constituted
  • Previous minutes - a statement that the previous meeting's minutes are correct and signed by the meeting chair
  • Resolutions/Decisions - Overview, whether it passed with a majority vote, if requested record any members that voted against the motion or abstained from voting
  • Changes - any appointments made, any members elected to office and any member taking a leave of absence
  • Next meeting - the date and time of the next meeting should be recorded

Special Resolutions

A special resolution is one that is made to change one or more aspects of the legal status of the association. This may include changing the name, adding/removing/changing rules or bringing the association to an end.

A special resolution must be presented at a general meeting (including the annual general meeting) and get 75% of the vote (from members who are present and entitled to vote).

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