This workshop comprises a brief explanation and step-by-step guided meditation. Each session we will focus on a different topic or aspect of meditation. This meditation suits people from all walks of life from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Meditation is considered as an indispensable part of practice in all the Buddhist traditions. This course comprises of in-depth explanation and step-by step guided meditations. Each session will focus on a different topic or aspect of meditation. This meditation suits people from all walks of life, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Course Outline:

1. Breathing Meditation
Meditation helps us to relieve stress, anxiety and other unwanted emotions and to gain peace and happiness in our lives.

2. Mindful Distance
As we see negative emotions arising, we try to learn how to step back and train ourselves to develop a Mindful Distance between ourselves and the arising emotions.

3. Mindfully Embracing
We train our mind to be flexible and adaptable, and to transform difficult circumstances into favourable ones.

4.  EAR Method
Through the method of EAR (Experience, Acceptance, Release), we learn to move forward with acceptance and understanding of the past events, such as traumas, resentment, rejection and so on.

5.  Bodhicitta, Altruism equalizing and exchanging Meditation and,
Self-centred attitude is the source of all our dissatisfactions and suffering. Therefore, how can one able to generate Boddhicitta to overcome one’s self-grasping attitude.

6.  Pure Perception,  Introduction to Vajrayana Meditation Practice
Vajrayana is the core Tibetan Buddhist practice. With authentic visualisation techniques passed down from the Buddha, through an unbroken lineage of masters, we are working with the deep and subtle part of the mind which is beyond words. We learn how Vajrayana practice and meditation of pure perception helps our mind transcend the conventional reality of our emotions, such as anger, attachment and ignorance.

Date: Saturday 8 June 2013 - Sunday 9 June 2013
Venue: Ananda Buddist Centre, Corner Hinchliff & Munro Streets, North Rockhampton
Cost: Members - $100, Non-members - $120, Concession - $60
Contact: Dan Waterhouse - 0409 631 124

Cost includes morning and afternoon tea both days. Please provide your own lunch. Donations to the teacher are completely voluntary and will be welcomed. Bookings are essential. Click here to get a copy of the registration form or visit for more information.