It is well-known that the involvement of volunteers (and in particular junior-level volunteers) is the key to success and long-term sustainability of local sporting clubs, sport organisations and sporting events. Recent studies suggest that without volunteers the sports system could not operate. There is growing awareness within the industry of the need to better manage and nurture volunteers particularly as the latest surveys indicate a trend of declining volunteerism nation-wide.

The Queensland Government's Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing is re-launching the CAPS program which aims to help young people develop skills in:

  • administration;
  • event/team management;
  • sports health;
  • active school leaders;
  • coaching;
  • refereeing/judging/umpiring; and
  • sports participation.

Sport participation is encouraged, but not compulsory for entry into CAPS. Participants can work with a state sporting organisation, local level association, school or club mentor or coordinator who will monitor their progress and achievements. After completion of each of the three stages, an official certificate will be issued.

The benefits of the CAPS program include that it:

  • encourages young people to take on leadership roles within their chosen sport and develops a sense of commitment;
  • provides young people with the opportunities for participants to gain knowledge and skills towards personal development
  • develops and strengthens the volunteer base at club, region and state level; and
  • creates links between state sporting organisations and community sporting clubs.

For more information on CAPS please email