Council will be increasing community rebates as part of the 13/14 budget if Mayor Margaret Strelow’s proposed budget is adopted.

Mayor Strelow said this was a way of giving back to the community.

“Most community organisations that receive a rebate from Council will receive an additional $300 dollars per annum, or $150 per rate notice,” Mayor Strelow said.

“Sporting clubs (without gaming machines), could have as much as $1,300 benefit per annum or $650/rate notice.

“Obviously lower bills won’t attract that large a rebate, but it works on the basis of 50% of charges up to a maximum.

“This is in recognition of all the good community building that takes place in these organisations and for most it will take pressure off the large fund-raising efforts that are required.

“We currently have the situation where small clubs spend many hours at sausage sizzles or selling raffle tickets just to pay the Council rates.

“I think that is a tremendous waste of volunteer hours which could be better spent mentoring youth or improving skills. Hopefully this small concession from Council will ease a big load. “

Mayor Strelow said the increased rebate would be part of her proposed 2013/14 Budget to be handed down on 12 June 2013.

To view the proposed budget in full, click here.