The Couch 2 Classic 12 week challenge is an initiative of the CQ Medicare Local working in partnership with Vector Health to deliver a pilot program to promote the value of a healthy eating and exercise in the prevention and reduction in chronic disease across the Central Queensland community.

The Couch 2 Classic will support up to 80 participants to improve their fitness to a level so that they can successfully participate in the CQPhysio Group Spring Classic over a 12 week period. The challenge will start on July 15 2013 in Rockhampton with participants followed on their journey of improving their nutrition and exercise habits to reach the ultimate goal of sustainable health and wellbeing.

The challenge is open to any adult who is able attend set training sessions on the south side of Rockhampton at least two times weekly throughout the duration of the program. All age groups and fitness levels are encouraged to register to be involved in the program with 80 spaces available - 30 full programs and 50 online programs all provided FREE OF CHARGE.

For more information please, click here. The participant selection period will be conducted from June 30 - 12 July with all participants expected to be available Monday 15 July from 5:30pm - 7:30pm for the official program induction.




Courtesy of CQ Medicare Local