Local sporting clubs are the heart of our growing communities. They bring people together, keep us healthy and active, and drive community spirit. Dow AgroSciences are committed to helping local communities, supporting agriculture and help meet the needs of the growing world.

Any rural sporting organisations are encouraged to enter the “Growing Community Sports Clubs” competition for the chance to win a share of $80,000 worth of grants to spend on provisions for their club.

Each grant is worth $4,000 and will be spread across all States and Territories of Australia. The application can be submitted by the club itself, or by an individual with the clubs best interest in mind.

Make a difference in your community and nominate your local sports club, simply explain in 200 words or less how it is an integral part of your growing community.

How will $4,000 help your sports club? Before applying, clubs and organisations should read the Terms and Conditions.

To apply, click here.