Football (in any form) is all about spirit, strength, courage and the fight to win. Those touched by cancer need the same qualities to win their fight against the disease. By wearing your football team’s colours, and making a donation, you’ll help us fight cancer and save lives. It’s easy to organise, lots of fun and a great opportunity for corporates, small business, schools and local clubs to band together.

Everyone can get involved, and it's simple! Companies and Organisations can participate, simply register today and an information package — including banking instructions and promotional posters will be posted to you so to make your Footy Colours Day a great success! Schools can even get on board, everything a school needs will be mailed out once they have registered so why not make the most of this opportunity to support a fantastic cause!

Everything you need to participate can be found at the Footy Colours Day webiste including how to register, ideas for the day, and touching stories from those who have been helped.

Register today and show your true colours!