Not for profit organisations often have great ideas to address issues of cultural, racial and religious intolerance, but sometimes need additional resources to turn their plans into reality. Diversity and Social Cohesion Program (DSCP) grants provide funding to help these organisations develop their own projects to help build stronger community relations.

DSCP grants provide funds of up to $50 000 for community groups and organisations to deliver projects that address local community relations issues. The government believes that strong social cohesion is best achieved by projects that bring all Australians together and in particular create connections across the community.

Funding will be available for projects that are consistent with the objectives of the program, such as projects that:

  • address tensions between groups in the wider community directly, for example, engage group members to discuss stereotypes, sources of conflict, and ways to have more co-operative relations

  • provide support through developing practical skills for a particular group and increase their ability to participate meaningfully in society more broadly

  • seek to engage a cultural group in mainstream activities including sport and choirs, etc

  • seek to educate a group (or groups) about another culture, including the Australian ‘way of life’ through information sharing seek to develop ongoing knowledge about prejudice for ‘grass roots’ groups and others - for example, provide training to community leaders to develop their capacity to successfully plan and manage their own prejudice reduction projects.

Funding will not be available for:

  • retrospective funding for projects already under way or completed

  • subsidy of general ongoing administrative costs such as electricity, phone, and rent of an organisation

  • cultural activities and one-off or annual festivals such as funds for concert performance, instruments, costumes, and dance performances

  • major capital expenditure, for example towards buildings, gardens, motor vehicles, computers and sound systems although equipment can be hired for project work

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Applications must be lodged with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship by Friday, 1 March 2013.