Regular physical activity provides numerous benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. Creating a routine and participating in regular exercise helps to control weight, can combat certain health conditions, improves mood and even boosts your energy levels.

The trouble most of us face is finding the time to get involved, that's where KickStartCQ's Weekly Activity Planner can help!

The Weekly Activity Planner provides opportunity for you to plan three activities each day, assisting you to meet the desired 30 minutes of daily physical activity. It is important to remember that building to 30 minutes (or more!) of physical activity can be achieved by combining shorter sessions throughout the day.

The Weekly Activity Planner also has some very handy information on Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellbeing so that you can tailor a routine that increases your overall health.

Lastly, the Weekly Activity Planner allows you to put down on paper the goals you have set for the week. This is useful in keeping you motivated and accountable to yourself which will help you to achieve your goals!

We can all benefit from planning our weekly activities and this simple planner may provide the motivation you need to take the first step or encourage you to continue your journey. For more information about setting goals, or planning activities contact Sport and Education Services on 1300 225 577.