Good Sports works with community sporting clubs to build a safe, healthy and family-friendly environment, by promoting a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption. An initiative of the Australian Drug Foundation, Good Sports provides free support to sporting clubs to:

  • Increase the viability and impact of sporting clubs in their community.
  • Reduce alcohol related problems such as underage drinking, drink driving & alcohol related violence.
  • Change the ‘high risk’ drinking behaviour of players, supporters & club members.

Displaying the Good Sports logo sends an important message to club members and the community. It confirms that the club promotes a responsible attitude towards alcohol and that it provides a safe environment for players, members, families and supporters.

Healthy clubs. Strong communities.
The Good Sports program is working to ensure sport and family come first. When a sports club is a Good Sports club:

  • Parents know their children and families are protected from the misuse of alcohol in and around the club.
  • Communities benefit from reduced noise, injury, damage and drink driving incidents relating to sports club events and enjoy a better public image.

Players appreciate an improved club culture that is more attractive to sponsors, families, juniors, teams and volunteers, along with better community relations and a stronger chance of funding or revenue options.
Good Sports can help clubs:

  • Increase revenue
  • Find new sponsorship opportunities
  • Increase members
  • Increase female and junior participation (more family-friendly)
  • Raise community support and respect

The program has been running successfully since 2000. It’s working in more than 5,000 clubs across all sports groups nationally and is still growing. With an average of 250 members per club, Good Sports touches the lives of 1 million+ Australians who care about their sport, their families and their communities.

For more information contact Tim Spratling via email or on 0427 196 331.

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