KickStartCQ is partnering with a number of local clubs and health service providers to bring FREE physical activity sessions to the community. These sessions will be held in various locations throughout the Region at different times and days.

Guerrilla Sessions provide an opportunity for members of the public to trial new activities and classes for FREE whilst enabling clubs and health service providers to showcase the range of activities that are available throughout the Region. Guerrilla Sessions have been designed to be a surprise, they can strike anywhere at anytime!

The first Guerrilla Session was held at Crossfit CQ with over 20 participants enjoying a FREE class guided by qualified coaches. A number of FREE Guerrilla Sessions are being planned for the coming weeks so make sure you keep an eye on the KickStartCQ facebook page and website for details.

These sessions aim to assist members of the community develop healthy lifestyle habits and encourage more locals to increase participation in physical activities. It is hoped that KickStartCQ’s Guerrilla Sessions will continue for months and years to come with continued support from both providers and participants.

If you’d like more information on hosting or participating in Guerrilla Sessions please contact Sport and Education Services on 1300 225 577 or email