For one of Australia’s best known GPs, Dr John D’Arcy, the onset of a hearing issue was causing him increasing fatigue in his daily life. But since being fitted with a hearing aid earlier this year, the Australian Hearing Ambassador is hearing better than he has in years.

“It’s taken away the fatigue of listening. I don’t have to struggle hard to appreciate what people are saying. That’s the biggest thing! My hearing aid has removed that fatigue,” Dr John said.

Dr John is one story being promoted by Australian Hearing to encourage locals to make their hearing health a priority. According to Dr John, hearing loss is a common issue, particularly among older Australians.

“Sixty per cent of those over 60 have a hearing loss and for those over 70, it skyrockets to 70 per cent,” he said. “Getting your hearing checked is an easy way to learn more about your hearing and what can be done to help. Consider your hearing as you do having your blood pressure checked. It’s so important.”

For Dr John, having a hearing check-up was the first step in doing something about his own hearing, with the results leading him to be fitted with a hearing aid.

“I can hear things I haven’t heard for a long time. I’m more interested in conversations as I don’t have to struggle hard to appreciate what people are saying,” he said. Australian Hearing Rockhampton Manager Linda Busbridge said if people are concerned about their hearing, the first step is to have a hearing check. 

“A hearing check takes less than 15 minutes and measures what sounds you can and cannot hear,” Linda said.

“If results indicate you may need hearing help, a well fitted hearing aid can lead to improved health, relationships, social activity and emotional wellbeing.”

To encourage locals to make their hearing health a priority Australian Hearing Rockhampton is offering free hearing checks for pensioners and veterans. For more information, or to book an appointment call 131 797.

Australian Hearing Rockhampton is located at Shop 6 'Metro Centre' , Cnr High and Musgrave Street, North Rockhampton.