With the current and expected high temperatures across the country it is timely to send out some of the latest information available on hot weather policies for sport. Many of your organisations, due to the season of your sport may never experience some of the hotter temperatures of other sports however it is important to keep in mind that even in the cooler months heat illness can still affect some participants when exercising at high intensity or for long durations. Additionally, in Queensland where UV ratings can remain high all year round it is also important to consider the need for a sun safety policy for your members.

As detailed on the Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) website, exercise can place some people at risk of heat illness, particularly in hotter weather. If untreated, heat illness can lead to the more serious and potentially life-threatening condition of heat stroke. Most of the advice provided is common sense however factoring in how your organisation will manage hot weather and sports play by implementing a simple policy may make handling these situations easier in the long run. The SMA website has three useful documents including:

  1. Beat the Heat Fact Sheet
  2. Hot Weather Guidelines
  3. UV Exposure and Heat Illness Guide

Your Regional or State Sporting Organisation may also have a hot weather and/or sun smart policy template that your organisation can easily modify and implement. Other useful websites include: