The Mini Academy will be run at the home of CQFC Energy (Rugby Park, Normanby Street) two nights a week. It will run for 90 minutes each session. Each session is run FREE of charge, with just a one off yearly payment of $40 to cover Insurance. That’s right 80 sessions a year for $40.

Can your child still play for a local club and train with CQFC Mini Academy at the same time? Yes is the answer. We at CQFC are working alongside our local clubs to try and produce the next Australian Socceroo’s & Matilda’s.

We will only achieve this by complimenting the current great work of the local clubs who currently run U6-U10 teams but due to most clubs being restricted and only able to offer 1 x session a week training we feel by giving all local players the option to train 2 x extra nights a week will not only benefit the local clubs and produce stronger teams but the main benefit will be that the individual player will be developed to be the best football player possible!

Mini Academy will start in November 2013—To register your child for a free place please contact

For more information on the CQFC Energy Junior Academy click here.