Sporting clubs provide more than just a place for people to play sport. They provide a focus for the local community and create a valuable link between social activity and sport.

The Frenchville Sports Club has a long, extensive and proud history of community involvement and contributions. In order to continue this support, the Community Sports Grant has been designed to provide financial opportunity to local organisations that satisfy our set criteria.

For a copy of the Community Sports Grant guidelines click here, and to see all the terms and conditions click here.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is a school P&C eligible to apply for funding? Yes, school community groups are welcome to apply for the grants for sports and activity related ventures.
  2. Can Frenchville Sports Club sub-committees apply for this funding? The grant is not accessible by Frenchville Sports Club  sub-committees.
  3. What will be required to verify that the funds have been spent appropriately? Successful applicants will be required to provide a brief summarised written report outlining how the money was spent and how this expenditure has assisted them. Grants are required to be spent within 12 months of receiving the funds.
  4. Can an individual apply?Individuals may apply, however they must have verification of their association with an organisation/event/team, i.e. representation in state teams.
  5. What area is covered by the grant? Applications are welcome from within the Rockhampton Regional Council Area.
  6. How many grants will be given out each round? 5 x ($5,000), 5 x ($3,000), 10 x ($1,000)
  7. Can other sports clubs apply for the grant?Yes other sports clubs from within the area are welcome to apply for the grants.
  8. What can the grant be used for?The grant is primarily to be used for, but is not limited to material items. This includes things such as Equipment, Uniforms,Travel Team Fees, Sunsmart Structures etc. All requests are at the discretion of the Assessment Panel.
  9. What can’t this grant be used for?The grant cannot be used for operational expenses relating to the running of an organisation. Applications must clearly specify the purpose of the funding and this cannot be varied.

Applications close 5:00pm on Friday December 13. To recieve a copy of the Application form click here.