Sportscover's desire to assist community sports led to the creation of the Sportscover Sponsorship Fund (SSF) as an avenue to sponsor a wide variety of amateur sports men and women, striving to achieve sporting greatness across a broad cross-section of sports. Over the last few years, the SSF has donated over $70, 000 in grants to grass-roots sporting clubs and associations.

The 2013 Sportscover Sponsorship Fund is currently accepting applications. There will be 2 rounds of applications available in 2013, with a number of grants of $750, to be awarded each round.

Round 1: 1st June - 15 July
Round 2: 1st August - 15 October

To be eligable:

  1. Must be an amateur sporting club or association
  2. Must not spend the grant on tobacco, alcohol or illegal or immoral goods
  3. Must no have been awarded a SSF Grant in the last 2 years
  4. Must be available for an interview
  5. You must supply Sportscover with a photo of the fund being used.

Click here for more information and to apply for this grant.