The fourteenth annual Walk Safely to School Day initiative is on Friday 24 May 2013.

The event encourages parents, carers and their children to build regular walking to and from school into their daily routine because children need a minimum of 60 minutes exercise per day. It also encourages parents to drive less and walk more, aiming to decrease dangerous vehicle congestion around schools and reduce carbon emissions from idling cars.

As many Councils already recognise from previous involvement with the initiative, Walk Safely to School Day is a fantastic way to get involved in a healthy, active and local community even with principals, teachers, parents and children .

This year we are excited to introduce the Walk Safely to School Day App for Apple and Android phones. The App will allow children and parents/carers to track their kilometres travelled to and from school, time spent walking and their average walking speed.

So we ask you to please put Walk Safely to School Day in your diary for Friday 24 May, 2013. We will be in touch again to discuss how you might like to get involved, in coming weeks.

What: National Walk Safely to School Day.
When: Friday 24 May 2013.
Where: In all Primary Schools Around Australia.
Why: To encourage children to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle by simply including a walk at the beginning and end of each day. The event also promotes reduced car dependency, greater use of public transport, cleaner air, improved diets and road safety to primary school children throughout Australia.
Contact: Queensland Public Relations Consultant, Teek Ireland - 0403 899 648 or

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