The KickStartCQ – Get Active Guide aims to help educate the community on increasing physical activity, healthy eating and general wellbeing.

Education is often the first step toward a lifelong change and we are all excited to share the knowledge we have to help you develop and maintain healthy habits so you can enjoy the benefits of good health. I believe a healthy community is a happy and productive community and I encourage you to share the information in this book with your friends and family.

By making positive lifestyle changes, such as incorporating exercise into your day, you can reverse or prevent a number of health conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and increase your overall quality of life. While you may not currently be experiencing any of these lifestyle or health issues, the preventative actions you are taking now will pay dividends in the future.

This booklet covers five key areas;
• Goals and motivation
• Nutrition
• Exercise
• Health and wellbeing
• My Wellbeing Diary

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